Frequently Asked Questions

1.)What is rudz-starclix?

rudz-starclix is an Advertising Hub.

You can Earn and/or Advertise with rudz-starclix.


2.) How do I earn money?
The basic earning feature of rudz-starclix is viewing ads on a daily basis.

You will earn money and points for each ad you view.

You will also earn points and have a chance to Win money with rudz-starclix.

To earn even more, you can upgrade your membership and/or increase your referrals.


3.) What are points for?
Points are worth money in your purchase balance.

You can convert your points anytime in your account panel.

2000 pts = $1


You can earn points in Many ways

See Upgrade chart for more info

4.) What is Purchase Balance for?
Purchase Balance, is money you can spend on rudz-starclix, but you can not cash out.

You can buy all kinds of advertising or referrals, but not memberships.

Memberships must be purchased with a payment processor or can also be purchased using your Account Balance.

5.) How do people win so many times in a row with rudz-stargrid?
The higher your membership is, the better your chances are of winning a prize.

6.) How often can I view advertisements?
You can view advertisements once every 24 hours.

Ads reset at midnight server time. The server time is located at the top of the View Ads page.

7.) I requested a payment and now the money is back in my Account Balance?
If you request a payment using the wrong payment processor, your money will be refunded back to your Account Balance.

Read the PAYMENTS section of our Terms of Service for more information.

8.) I requested a payment. How long do I have to wait until I get the money?
Payout Schedule:

Upgraded Members, will receive: Priority payments, which take only a few days to process.

Standard Members, will receive: Regular payments, which take a few weeks to process.

Payments are processed on a regular basis, therefore, contacting support or using our forum to ask about your payment is unnecessary.

Make sure to always post your latest payment proof in our Forum, to avoid a delay on your next payment.


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